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What is Piano Regulation?

Piano regulation is the process of adjusting the action to maximise performance and increase longevity.

Regulation is different to tuning, although it does have an impact on the sound. Each of the 88 notes on a piano is made up of more than 60 parts, and each note can be adjusted in over a dozen ways. Patience and precision is required to ensure optimum performance is achieved. A well regulated piano will have an even touch from bottom to top, give better control and dynamic range, and last longer due to reduced friction and wear and tear.

To fully regulate a piano using all of these adjustments to a high standard, a piano technician must be highly trained, experienced and regularly hone their skills.

With many years experience, and having been trained, tested and accredited by Yamaha in Australia and Japan, Chamberlain Piano Services can bring out the full potential of your piano.

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